TANGOWEEKEND MET Angela Ruth Manonellas & Andreas Erbsen Tango Salon, Milonga, Vals DJs TonAda and Rob N
vr 3 t/m zo 5 augustus

–  Easy sequences the crowded dance floor.
–  Complex Sequences in close embrace.
–  Tango technique for men and women.
Angela Ruth & Andreas are the directors of the Tango-school EL TACUARI TANGO in Buenos Aires. (we are happy to have them again back in Holland!) they are lovely and great teachers!
Price 225 euro all incl! Single room 20 euro extra Camping 20 euro less!
Saturdaynight open milonga with DJ Rob Nuijten at 21.00 ans extra chacarera workshop with Ruth Manonellas at 20.00
Info: annette@uelenspieghel.nl     Zie YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJHhD3ictZc 

NEO-TANGO-WEEKEND with Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia
fr 24 / sun 26 August

A whole weekend enjoying Neo Tango. Ezequiel Sannuci & Lydia are specialized in this style with a well-founded base in traditional tango. This weekend they will teach their special modern tango moves, offering extraordinary combinations so that you can experience different dynamics in your dance. There will be played also traditional music in the evening milongas with a nice variation of Neo and Non-tango music.
Come in the flow of Neo tango for a whole weekend! Aanmelden bij  info@uelenspieghel.nl
Prijs (all incl) 235 euro www.tangonow.nl  https://youtu.be/krGkk9SBzo4 
Info over ons http://tangonow.nl/en/about-us      
Contact Tango   https://vimeo.com/125978351



TANGO EN MILONGA met Natalia & Augustin
vr 14 t/m zo 16 september
A weekend with this lovely young couple from La Plata (Argentina) about musicality, history, tango and milonga! Their milonga workshop is special!  They developed their own method to help you find your own dance on a comfortable, natural and authentic way. Info www.nataliayagustin.com  Bookings annette@uelenspieghel.nl 




TANGO DINSDAGAVOND is verplaatst naar Diever (dorpje verderop)

Tango: Dans van het hart
Ànnette en Hans Uelenspieghel 2011 klein

Beginnersles gaat binnenkort weer starten.
Docent: Hans van den Brink Informatie:  06 244 052 97
Klik hier voor 2015 video Uffelter dorpsfeest