20 -22 November  Natalia and Agustin. helaas afgelast ivm tijdelijke regels

Sharing our personal search- Technic – Music – Expression –

The tangos have already a music, a lyric, an energy, and our challenge is to learn and make use of our technic, skills, and creativity to represent those elements as close as possible. Our teacher once said, “that is when you reach the desired place of dancing WITHIN the music and not only TO the music”.

We would really like to share our thoughts, techniques, how to approach music and why, which are the elements to put in value and when, so we maximize the chances of reaching a close artistic expression of the tango. 

It is a deep search, challenging and we are sure it will change the way you think about tango. Let’s get together! 

Price all incl 260 euro and if you like a single room its 280  info annette@uelenspieghel.nl

11- 13 december Neo Tango with Lydia & Ezequiel

Thema out of Axis: Colgadas & Volcadas Experience the magic of colgadas and volcadas. Building trust in off balances,

sharing axis, sharing our lightest bodyweight and dancing effortless. From small to big colgadas and volcadas and even into turning! Let’s learn, create new material and play! Cost 260 euro all incl info annette@uelenspieghel.nl www.tangonow.nl




18- 20 dec Kerst weekend met Peter en Ina Thema: ” Tango Vals” (alteraties, giros, cadenas en cadans)
3 Dagen intensieve workshops & practica met uitgebreid persoonlijke aandacht gericht op elegantie, abrazo, connectie en muzikaliteit. Vrijdag en zaterdagavond milonga in de prachtige danszaal met houten vloer en zaterdagavond open milonga met show van de docenten



TANGO DINSDAGAVOND is verplaatst naar Diever (dorpje verderop)

Tango: Dans van het hart
Ànnette en Hans Uelenspieghel 2011 klein

Beginnersles gaat binnenkort weer starten.
Docent: Hans van den Brink Informatie:  06 244 052 97
Klik hier voor 2015 video Uffelter dorpsfeest