Argentijnse Tango


30 mei- 1 juni Midweek voor beginnende tangodansers! olv Hans vd Brink en Nanny
2- 4 juni Murat again! (fullbooked only place for campers still)

he teach how to move natural and healthy; listen to the music; and how to gain valuable skills in order to  take more active roles and inspiring each others creativity Price all incl 280 euro Nicole and Frank will cook their wonderfull tasty and healthy biofood

9- 11 Juni neo tango met Ezequiel en Lydia Thema; Verbinding Koks zijn Jennifer en Jeroen
12- 15 Juni Ruth en Andreas from BA Ruth Manonellas  is from North Argentina and also a beautifull folkloredancer and teach lots of ladystiling in the tangoclas! Andreas lost a architect carriere to start a tangoschool in San Telmo (El Taquari) and is the most beautifull enrosque dancer and will teach his secret to the leaders. 7 workshops; 3 milongas incl catering and lodging only 310 E Camping 280

  • 30 juni – 2 juli geven Cosima en Mariano het feestelijke  Midsummer Milonga weekend met thema Milonga lisa y traspié Lezing over geschiedenis van de Milonga
    Workshops Milonga lisa y traspié: techniek, styling, muzikaliteit
    Sfeervolle salons op vrijdag en zaterdag
3- 6 Juli Midweek with Angel Coria

Famous choreographer, teacher and artistic leader of different projects and shows. He was dancer and choreograaf in Carlos Saura’s movie “Tango”; member of the jury worldchampion tango Buenos Aires; he teaches in China, Japon and Russia and still likes to teach classes with beginners and advanced students and every workshop is a party!

5 tangolessons and 2 folklore (chamame/ chacarera or Zamba) 3 milongas; catering and doubleroom 310 E (all incl) Single room 10 euro extra a night Camping 280 E

  • 8 – 10 september Summer Tango met thema Tango Nuevo
    Lezing over Tango Nuevo: muziek & dans
    Workshops Tango Nuevo techniek, styling en muzikaliteit
    Sfeervolle salons op vrijdag en zaterdag








Tango: Dans van het hart
Ànnette en Hans Uelenspieghel 2011 klein

Beginnersles gaat binnenkort weer starten.
Docent: Hans van den Brink Informatie:  06 244 052 97
Klik hier voor 2015 video Uffelter dorpsfeest